New Adventure, New Blog

Some of my earliest school memories were made during my time in the computer lab of the elementary school where my dad taught.  Number Munchers and Oregon Trail were my intro to ed tech.  Back then, learning was all about play, and that’s very much how I still feel about my classroom.

This fall, after eight years of teaching high school English, I’ll be moving to a local middle school.  Though leaving my longtime professional home and colleagues is tough, I’m excited about this new adventure.  It’s an opportunity to stretch my learning muscles, and it’s particularly thrilling because my new principal truly values innovation and has given me the green light to turn my courses into multiplayer games.

I have a lot to learn!  Over the next year, I anticipate grappling with a deluge of questions, probably a lengthy list of failures (err, learning opportunities), and some successes here and there.  My plan is to document it all on this blog.  So thank you for stopping by, dear reader.  Feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments or on Twitter any time.

Game on!


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