I’m horrible at these pages, but I’m at least halfway decent at making lists.  Here’s one:

1.  I am currently a grad student in instructional technology.

2.  My research interests include game-based learning, social media and literacy, and 21st century professional development.

3.  When my husband said, “I don’t care how long it takes you to finish school,” what I heard was, “Sure, go ahead and get your doctorate while you’re at it.”  Please don’t tell him.

4.  I married my high school sweetheart ten years to the day after our first kiss.

5.  We have a son named Matthew.

6.  I have played World of Warcraft since August 2005.

7.  Ten is my Doctor.

8.  Cumberbatch is my detective.

9.  Caffeine is my drug of choice.

10.  When I can’t sleep (you know, because of the caffeine) I read YA fiction on my iPhone.

11.  One day, I will walk the Camino.


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